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Council workers demand fair pay!

Sara Huntingford, assistant branch secretary of Unison Nottingham City and Socialist Party member on megaphone

Nottingham City UNISON, UNITE and GMB held a protest yesterday against the 1% pay rise that has been offered to local government workers. Many council workers are low paid and have had, in effect, a pay cut of 18% over the last few years.

Adrian Piction, senior steward for UNISON and Socialist Party member speaks to protest

Adrian Piction, senior steward for UNISON and Socialist Party member speaks to protest

As well as this, workers at Nottingham City have had their increments frozen, meaning that some of the lowest paid in the council are earning below a living wage.

Unison have been demanding fair pay – an £1 an hour increase for all workers.

Nottingham City Unison branch also have an agreed position of calling on the Labour-controlled council to refuse to pass on the cuts and set a balanced, no-cuts budget using their reserves and borrowing powers whilst building a mass campaign to demand more money from central government.

The Socialist Party supports this position and argues that if Labour are not prepared to do this, in next year’s council elections we should stand candidates who are prepared to stand and fight!



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Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition to contest Nottingham by-elections

Geraint Thomas (left) and Cathy Meadows (right) on Anti-bedroom tax protest

Geraint Thomas (left) and Cathy Meadows (right) on Anti-bedroom tax protest

The Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition (TUSC) is standing in the Nottingham city council by-elections on 7th November against the bedroom tax and all cuts to jobs, services and benefits.

Due to the resignation of two councillors for health reasons, there will be by-elections in the Dales and Radford & Park wards. TUSC will be contesting these as an alternative to the three main parties.

TUSC says:

Axe the bedroom tax!

The Con-Dem government is making savage cuts to benefits. The ‘bedroom tax’ brought in on 1st April this year has been met with huge resistance. People simply cannot afford it. In Nottingham, 6000 people are being hit but there are just 35 smaller properties on offer.

Nottingham City Council should refuse to evict anyone who cannot afford to pay this unfair tax. Labour leader Ed Miliband has stated that a future Labour government will repeal the tax – but 2015 is too late, we need action now!

If elected, TUSC councillors will demand that the council and housing associations do not evict anyone who cannot pay and will mount a campaign to axe this tax completely!

Save our Services!

Nottingham City Council has made £25m worth of cuts this year alone. It plans to make £55m more cuts next year. They have mainly been attacking Adult and Children Services, with higher charges for Adult care. As well as increasing Council Tax they have passed on the cuts of 18% to Council Tax Benefit. As a result of funding cuts, 54% of voluntary organisations say they will be forced to close over the next year.

TUSC opposes all cuts to services. The council has upwards of £133m in reserves – more than enough to continue funding services!

Oppose attacks on jobs, pay and conditions

Over 500 jobs have gone from the council in the last two years alone. Further cuts will mean further job losses. Local govern-ment workers are facing attack after attack on pay, pension & terms and conditions.

TUSC opposes the 1% public sector pay freeze and supports a trade union-led fight-back to defend jobs, pay & conditions. We support the call for a 24-hour general strike against austerity.

Labour: not an alternative to the Tories

It is the Con-Dem government nationally that is to blame for the dire situation locally by making unprecedented cuts to local gov-ernment.

But what is Labour’s alternative? They intend to keep to the government’s 2015 spending plans if they get into power! At Nottingham City Council, despite having an overwhelming major-ity, Labour has passed on these cuts without a fight and have even said they intend to evict people for Bedroom Tax arrears!

We don’t need crocodile tears and hand wringing. We need a real alternative for the working class.

TUSC councillors will propose a budget based on what the city actually needs & demand Labour backs it. The council could use part of the £133m in reserves & build a huge campaign to get back the money the government has stolen from the council!


I‘ve been a Sneinton resident for most of my life and I am proud of our heritage: Green’s Windmill, allotments, Colwick car boot, shops and community groups and centres, all of which reflect our diversity and, like Sneinton Festival, bring people together. Sneinton probably has more homeless support projects than any other part of the city and we don’t see this as a “problem” instead we provide a safe and friendly commu-nity where people can get back on their feet. Currently I lead a campaign against the Bedroom Tax and cuts to Council Tax Benefit – benefits are the safety net for working class people and it is vital that we fight to stop them getting eroded.

I am standing as a TUSC candidate because TUSC is a coalition of integri-ty, for example all TUSC MPs will only take the average worker’s wage and TUSC does not accept funding from big business.


I’ve lived in Nottingham for 5 years and have been active in fighting at-tacks on ordinary people for the past year. I’ve become disappointed in Nottingham City’s Labour Council passing on the cuts handed down from the Government, slashing their budgets rather than fighting back, mak-ing the people of Nottingham bear the brunt of these attacks, cutting basic services, freezing pay for council workers and doing the bare mini-mum to fight the bedroom tax.

If elected I would fight to break the wage freeze for council workers, to resist cuts to public services and to set a no evictions policy on the bed-room tax, and challenge the government directly on their cuts.

GET INVOLVED! Can you help with the campaign? Contact us: nottstusc@gmail.com – 07703 353 130

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Further protests against 5 Term Year plans for Nottingham schools

A loud and lively protest took place outside Nottingham City Council’s head office this week, by those teachers, school support staff and parent who oppose the City Council’s plan to alter the school year holiday arrangements.

The protest was organised by the NASUWT teachers union and attended by members of many unions as well as parents and pupils. The main slogan chanted was “Five term year, bad idea!”. The National Union of Teachers has already taken several days of strike action on this issue .

Although at first sight this is a local dispute between unions at Nottingham City and the local council, the issue has national significance not least because the City Council has threatened to force all school staff onto the new working patterns by a ‘dismissal and re-engagement’ process.

Whilst talks between the NUT, City Council and ACAS are currently underway, it does appear the Council is not at this stage prepared to back down. It is essential that the other school unions support the NUT by joining any strike action.

  A group of local parents –PA5TY – is also organising against the Council’s proposals and has already organised a well attended public meeting as well as a protest by parents.