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Save the DVLA: successful strike at Nottingham office

Members of the Public and Commercial Services union (PCS) took strike action today against government plans to close all 39 of the DVLA local offices, 10 enforcement centres and 3 processing centres. This would mean there would be no face-to-face services for DVLA customers and would also mean 1,200 job losses.

PCS points out that the government is making these cuts as part of their austerity measures but that it is a false economy. Not only will it put more people on to the dole queue but will also mean a rise in vehicle excise duty evasion which will cost the exchequer tens of millions each year.

In Nottingham, PCS members walked out at 3pm, taking 2 hours of strike action to defend the local office. This is the start of a month of rolling action by PCS in the Department for Transport (DfT).

Jan Watts, DfT Midlands branch secretary, spoke to the Socialist Party:

“It’s been a fantastic success here. All members have walked out apart from two managers. So I’m really proud of every one.

“We’re doing this today because we’re all under attack. It will mean that everything will need to be done via the post or the internet, which we don’t think is a viable service for the public. And also, putting another 1,200 people out of work in this economic climate is completely nonsensical.”

Check out pcs.org.uk/dvlapcs for updates and sign the petition at savethedvla.co.uk